First Nations Guardian Exchange


In May 2023, a Guardians gathering was held in Ottawa which brought together over 250 Guardians from four directions. During the gathering, Guardians talked about the types of support that could help them grow and sustain their initiatives. The idea of an NGN Exchange Program – which would provide funding to Guardians to meet and learn from one another– was viewed as an important initiative the NGN could support.

The objective of the First Nations Guardians Exchange Program is to support knowledge sharing among Guardians from coast to coast to coast. The program has been designed to support either a one-way exchange or a mutual exchange between Guardians initiatives.

  • When the Seal River Watershed Land Guardians visited Thaidene Nëné, we got to go on patrol with Ni Hat’ni Dene Guardians, and we could see the gracious way they welcome visitors while also conveying this is the traditional territory of the Nation.

    Stephanie Thorassie about recent visit with LKDFN

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